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The Lab is a 3 hour workshop where we dive into 3 main topics:

-Marketing Strategy (focus on Branding & Messaging)

-Social Media Strategy (focus on Instagram & Facebook)

-Marketing Best Practices

Bonus Section: Q + A

My goal for The Lab is to offer a space of collaboration where we can learn new schools of thought, acquire skills to put into action and build on what we already know to be true and expand upon that for the better of our business, project or idea as well as our target audience. This workshop is powered by research, facts and best practices.


The Lab is built for Entrepreneurs, Soloprenuers, Small Business Owners, Marketing Professionals, Marketing Enthusiasts,  Social Media Managers, Recent Graduates, Event Planners, Non-Profit Personnel, Fundraising Personnel, Freelance Contractors, (Artists, Photographers, Fitness Experts). 


Anyone who is looking to make a move on upping their marketing game to increase their bottom line and effectively reach your target audience through grass-root, organic marketing initiatives.

Say that 10x fast!

Food for thought: Budgeting for marketing is hard. If you are on your own, just starting, or figuring out whats next often times you don't have the means to hire this out.  Often times you wouldn't even know what to hire out.  I know because I've been in that position.  That doesn't mean, in the meantime, you can't learn best practices to effectively market.  Ideally, one day you will have your own marketing and branding department, but until then, meet us at the Lab.


Thats also simple.  Submit your application here.

Don't worry, it only takes about 5 minutes.

Your application allows me to make sure that what you are looking is what I am offering.  I'd rather you not sign up instead of doing so and being disappointed that a pain point wasn't addressed. 

Social media, strategy and best practices might mean something different to you than the words you are reading on this site, so this is my way of making sure you leave happy.


It's simple.  A plan.

A plan on what you can take from each topic and how to apply it to your business.  Here's how it will happen

-takeaways from each session that you can make work for you

-tools to organize, create and implement your strategy 

-information to apply a personalized strategy to move forward 

We will be focusing on Social Media growth and messaging in regards to Facebook and Instagram.  We will touch on the power of email marketing and how it can work for you.  Time management and how to be aggressive with plans without overwhelming your efforts or exhausting your audience. Effective strategies to allow you maximize your marketing time while tending to other to-dos.

When and PRICING?

October 26th 12pm-3:30pm

*Light snacks and water provided.  Please pack additional food.

$179.00 (+tax) Early Bird

$199.00 (+tax) 


Once you submit your application, if there are any questions, I will contact you. Otherwise, I will send you a link for more details including payment options, location and other important logistics for you to secure your spot. At no point do you have sign up if you feel it's not a good fit.


I recently attended Mint Marketing's workshop on Instagram and Facebook (and email). Ashley was highly organized and not only provided the important information on which of these tools would be most available to one's particular business, but also on messaging, how to best use your time with these (mine is as a performer who performs both nationally and internationally) tools, and the big overview as to how to get started (particularly useful to me, who is a novice at using these tools). I'd highly recommend this workshop in the future and I'm sure her other workshops are just dynamite. Thanks for bringing clarity to my chaos!


—  Elaine

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