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Ashley Fathergill

Hello !​


Welcome to Mint Marketing.  I'm Ashley and Mint is a product born of my background in marketing, my drive in helping small businesses and an overall love of creating.  For the last 15 years I've worked in sales & marketing fields before becoming an entrepreneur.  Starting my journey in Ohio and ending up as a desert dweller in Albuquerque, New Mexico where I now reside and help businesses near and far. 

In 2015 I founded, YogaZo, a mobile yoga studio that focuses on giving back and started from true grassroots marketing and a love of teaching yoga to the Albuquerque community. 


In 2017 thanks to the support and vote of confidence from my husband and support system, I decided to leave the full-time gig behind and go full speed ahead to work in an area that I find passion and creativity driving me through the days rather than marching orders from someone who likely didn't even know my name.  This is where Mint Marketing came to fruition. 

My goal with MM is to help an audience that might not have the resources, wherewith-all, budget or creative reach to bring to their business, brand and other marketing outlets.

I can't wait to get started on your goals.





I'm Mahala or as Ashley calls me, Double Doer of All the Things. It's a pretty important title to have, I mean, I am Mint's second employee EVER! Which is super exciting! It means Mint is expanding and more importantly to me, it means I get to help be apart of that growth! 


I was drawn to the way that Ashley created and marketed YogaZo. A mobile yoga studio founded on the values of inclusivity in the community and an open arms approach to fitness and wellbeing. This discovery led me to Mint. In the same way YZ is represented with intentionality, Mint has a wholehearted approach to support small businesses with marketing and consulting strategies that meet the businesses where they are.


Having a background in marketing and editorial, I felt called to work alongside Ashley and Mint to help offer insight to local & small businesses! My goal with Mint Marketing is to help businesses navigate the confusing world of digital marketing and make a strategy that aligns with their core beliefs for their business, for themselves and the their targeted community.


In true fashion of the digital age, you might not meet me IRL, so it's nice to e-meet you!

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